EWACC - Building Bridges Initiative


Energy, Water & Climate Change in the Mediterranean 
Building Bridges between Europe, the Middle East and North Africa


Young Scholars Forum: June 8-14, 2015

EWACC Conference: June 15-17, 2015

What is EWACC
Current and future pressures on the MENA region, including climate change, the growing demand on resources and resource degradation, urbanization and globalization, cause unprecedented challenges for humanity.

Europe and the MENA countries have to act in concert in order to tackle these challenges posed by climate change and the Water, Energy and Food Nexus. EWACC (Energy, Water and Climate Change in the Mediterranean) stands for a new conference series that brings together distinguished scientists with a broad range of expertise, representatives of the private sector, primary stakeholders, policy makers and high- level officials to advance sustainable development in the MENA region through a constructive Euro-Mediterranean dialogue.


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Organizers and Partners

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